Nov 30- Rhino draft ups

Dec 1- Receive packaging for manuscript

– CNC interior forms to be vacuum formed

Dec 2- Shoot headshot ???

Sun 4 – Final draft of Zine/ manifesto

– Cut out vinyl for packaging

– Send in all written material to TA

Mon 5 – Vacu-form all shapes from cnc cuts


Distilling my thoughts


Microsoft Doubles Down on Ethereum With New Blockchain Product

trade our creativity evenly.

historically the art economy has been predicated on its difference from the mass economy. so instead of something being valuable for being popular its valued for being exclusive or singular which limits the artists influence in society. I think it is very important to try and push against that. There is a belief in a kinda of autonomy for the artist in the art economy that is actually very illusory. I belief that the art market needs to me more omnipresent in order for art and artist to be more productive in society.

By being a participant in the global economic circulation the art market lends itself to the same problems as more ubiquitous markets.

In that it goes against mass culture, things that exist as “unlimited” or limited to the production value meeting its necessary quota. Most things that are being valued in popular culture all traditional pre package and owned existing in a holarchy. They are mass produced and manufactured to meet the needs of their consumers, and there is a spectrum of products that do the same thing that exist on the market. A lot of products especially products with more notable branding have been¬†rapidly copied and reproduced in various degrees of quality through leaking of information or through¬†the factory system.

the leaking of information has been problematic on large scale from business autonomy to government, (wikileaks. bit torrent, anonymous ) Where their need for  autonomy is constantly being threatened by outside forces how belief in the open market and open media. The digital world cannot exist autonomously. These systems do not function on a singular scale. Money cannot be lucrative, yet it is. Bank are very good at making money off of money. Money exists as a representation of exchange. Thus it most be preciously monitored, money cannot appear out of thin air with disrupting the economical ecosystem. Yet due to poor regulation we have already had some fatal misshapes.

Ownership is an experience. As much as experience an iconic object as a replica or the genesis.



. 11/6/16- Manifesto up on the blog for peer review By Sunday

. 11/6/16 – Rhino Files for CNC Milling to prepare for vacu-forming. (done)

. 11/6/ 16 Milling with scrap material (d0ne)

. 11/8/16 Condensing the manifesto into 4 points

.11/9/16 experiment with 3 axis pocketing for signs

.11/ 11 /16 order vacu-form plastic and MDF (done delivery on 11/9/16)

.11/18/16 Design poseter or Website, or animation  (hopefully start vacuforming and potentially casting)




. Startup “Rhizomatic or Rhizotek” blockchain-as-a-service start up GD brainstorm

.Study TED talk and there aesthetic as well as other BAAS , blockchain as a service and Big dats componies.

3D printed Ethereum Blocks for the block chain



Dont forge a logo

A Few Problems and Solutions

The larges problem with using Ethereum: is well one, I am not a developer. Two, I would not be able to buy Ethereum stock , But I could build up ether through mining on one of the computers in the lab or potentially my own laptop.

Another problem would be why would I want to use Ethereum and create contracts. Especially when a contract serves between one peer and another. So what would I use it for?

All of these question are very easy to answer as an artist. Just make art about it.

Or another solution, address a problem that could be solved my creating contracts. Selling digital based artworks. Create a platform on ethereum to trade digital works and rhino files from person to person. Through free exchange or through bitcoin and ether.

One major issue when artist sell in galleries is one: the gallery takes on average 50% or more. The also give out standerd discounts to select buyers: Including 10% discount offered to traditional clients, 15% offered to dealers and advisers, 20% offered to museums and institutions. Meaning the gallery artists on average are losing a large percentage of their total asking price. Which to be fair is a manageable system that insures galleries to support themselves and the artists while keeping a clientele. One that the artist may  other wise not gain access too.

Through contracts with ethereum’s blockchain. This could provide for an easier way to manage and sell digital work.

Letting files be individual objects in of them selves and not copies.

How can I make it a less abstract, how do I make it more tangible?

How can I make art to serve arts sake and serve their makers?

With the rise of so called post-digital art, one most not forget the living breathing essence that most digital processes live to serve.